Know Your Rights

At Jones Chesnutt, PLLC, we believe it is vital that every person knows their rights during police encounters.

As a law student at Cardozo School of law and a member of the National Lawyers Guild, attorney Meredith Jones was trained to give “Streetlaw” presentations to community groups of students and adults to let them know what their constitutional rights were and how they can protect them. She has presented to various audiences from high schoolers in the Bronx to all ages community members at the Dasie Hope Center in Fellsmere.

Have you ever wondered if you have to answer questions if the police stop you? Or if you can film a police encounter? Have you wondered if there are “magic words” that will set you free or stop an unwanted encounter with law enforcement?

Do you have questions about your Miranda rights? What are Miranda rights, anyway? Or whether or not you can refuse to let the police search you, your bag, or your car?

Have you heard that if the police don’t “read your your rights” then your case will be thrown out? Do you want to know if that is, in fact, true? (Hint: It is not, in fact, that simple.)

When individuals know their rights, and know how to communicate that knowledge to law enforcement, their rights are more likely to be respected. Even if an encounter results in an arrest, if a person knows what may happen the experience may be less traumatic and easier to discuss later with their attorney. Their criminal defense lawyer can then use the information to assist in defending the case. Knowledge truly is power.

If you have a community group that would be interested in hearing more about this topic, we are happy to arrange a presentation. Please contact our office to schedule.

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